Kimre Clean Air Technology

Kimre is the only manufacturer offering a full range of mist elimination products, from sub-micron droplet control using Fiber Bed Filters through 2 to 5 microns with our B-GONĀ® Mist Eliminators up to 10 microns and above. In addition, Kimre can provide products for scrubbing, absorption, drift elimination and liquid phase separation. We can provide new products for Original Equipment Manufacturers as well as products designed for specific plant applications or retrofits that will provide improved performance over equipment provided by other manufacturers.
  Kelair Dampers

With over 130 years of manufacturing experience and excellence, Kelair specializes in custom engineered and fabricated industrial dampers and assemblies to meet your specific needs. Through our dedicated and experienced network of manufacturer's representatives, the Kelair team will guide you to the best damper for your specific application.

Orthman Conveying Systems designs, engineers and constructs conveyors and other bulk handling equipment built to handle the toughest assignments in a variety of industries including food, chemicals, power, manufacturing and agriculture. With a broad selection of screw conveyors and components, we can match the systems you need for any application, of any size.
  Ultra Industries

We are a designer and manufacturer of air filtration and pneumatic conveying equipment providing exceptional quality and service to our customers. With major emphasis on Pulse-Jet filtration technology, we market our products and services throughout North America utilizing a network of specialized manufacturers' representatives.
  Hunter Expansion Joints, LLC

Hunter Expansion Joints, LLC applies 40+ years of experience in the design and manufacture of expansion joints to deliver cost saving solutions for a diverse spectrum of industries, applications and process equipment. Our primary focus is ductwork or ducting bellows, fabric bellows or metal bellows expansion joints; piping, pipework or pipe expansion joints; dampers; Viton™ sheet gasket material.
  Wm. W. Meyer & Sons, Inc.

For over seven decades, Meyer has been known as the premier manufacturer of 'Airlock Equipment' solutions to the process industries. Now, Meyer 'Airlock Technologies System Components Division' provides two fundamental approaches to solving difficult application problems- 'Double Flap Valves' or 'Rotary Airlock Feeders'.
  Verantis Environment Solutions

Over the years, Verantis has introduced a wide range of products to the industrial marketplace including tank linings, protective coatings, reinforced plastic process vessels, filamentous tower packing, corrosive air handling fans, and air pollution control equipment and systems.
  Imperial Systems

Imperial Systems' product line includes: CMAXX Dust and Fume Cartridge Collectors, DeltaMAXX Cartridge and Bag Filters, BRF Baghouse Dust Collectors, Spark Trap, Cyclone Dust Collectors, Airlocks, Slide Gates, Diverter Valves, Abort Gates, Backdraft Dampers, Flex Hose and all duct and components.
  DCL Inc.

DCL was developed to provide full dust control loading systems as well as partial components to the bulk material handling industry. Seasoned veterans in Technical Sales, Engineering and Manufacturing give DCL the capabilities of designing custom equipment to meet and understand all field applications. Click here for DCL's website.

DCL, Inc. leads the way in product innovation with a complete Research and Development teams on site. The development of the new Smart Loader and Compact Filter Module give credibility to DCL?s statement of "Leaders in Revolutionizing the Industry".
  AirPro Fan & Blower Co.
AirPro Fan & Blower Co. is a manufacturer of premier quality industrial, centrifugal, and high pressure fans and blowers for use in the industrial market. Products are designed by an engineering staff with several decades of fan & blower engineering experience. Employees held Senior Engineering positions at 4 other fan and blower manufacturing companies prior to forming AirPro. AirPro Fan & Blower Co. applies those years of experience to the sales, design, and manufacturing processes to maximize our overall value to our customers.

Hi-Vac industrial vacuum systems will clean up aggregates, powders, liquids, slurries -- any material that will flow through a hose. With long-reach up to 2,000' (610 m) and powerful suction up to 18" (457 mm) of mercury, Hi-Vac vacuum systems clean out deep pits, dust collectors, catwalks, holds, conveyors, ducts, elevators, and other hard-to-reach areas.

Most Hi-Vacs pay for themselves in less than six months. With Hi-Vac vacuum systems, your crew can do industrial cleanup jobs in hours instead of days.
  National Turbine

National Turbine Corporation offers a wide range of Blowers, Vacuum producers, Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems, and accessories to meet the most demanding system requirements.
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